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What is a council of social welfare?

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What do you know about councils of social welfare ?
Let me tell you more!

First of all, what is a council of social welfare?

In your community, some people need assistance or have problems with welfare or living. A council of social welfare aims to solve their problems and improve the entire community. It is working to make Marugame a city where all citizens are connected and support each other, living securely and safely in cooperation with many people, such as social welfare corporations, NPOs and administrative offices.

Can councils of social welfare be found anywhere in Japan?

There are councils of social welfare in municipalities, special wards, ordinance-designated cities and prefectures throughout Japan. They perform activities based on regional needs.


This is the symbol for a council of social welfare. It is commonly used in Japan.
It was designed based on the kanji sha, meaning society, which is part of the word used in social welfare or council of social welfare. The symbol expresses the establishment of a society with well-being through cooperation.

What does a council of social welfare do?

The following is a summary of what Marugame Council of Social Welfare does. Were you aware of these activities?

Networking for monitoring and providing mutual help to connect community members

They are forming a system that permits monitoring and mutual help so that all residents can live without anxiety in their beloved community by operating Fureai/Ikiiki Salon, making a network for monitoring patients with dementia, arranging a monitoring system in cooperation with private companies, and running a family support center business.

Giving advice to someone in trouble

Visit the Council of Social Welfare if you are experiencing an issue in your life. They will help you to solve the issue through their services or by introducing appropriate counselors/helpers.
In addition, lawyers and judicial scriveners can provide advice free of charge.

Responding to the community's welfare needs

To respond the community's welfare needs, the Marugame Council of Social Welfare lends out event equipment, nursery items and welfare vehicles. It also operates the elderly care insurance office and Shioya Nursery Center. It provides services that meet users' needs, effectively taking advantage of the strengths of the council's broad community network.

How is it financed?

Membership fees and donations paid by community members, community funds and subsidies/trusts from national/prefectural/municipal governments. These precious sources of finance are used for welfare services to improve the community.

We always appreciate your kind support!

Types of membership fees and donations

Types of membership fees
General membership fee Resident (household)
Patron membership fee Welfare-related person/individual
Group membership fee Private business/organization

Types of donations
Donation as acknowledgement of funeral offerings Donation according to the will of the deceased or intention of the bereaved
General donation Profit from charities and events carried out by various groups, and individual donations
Donation of items Donation of items aimed at social welfare

Hopefully, now you better understand a council of social welfare.
The most important point is that your cooperation is indispensable in council of social welfare activities. I would be glad if you joined me to achieve a city of welfare where everyone can live with piece of mind.